The Social TV Factor – white paper from Futurescape

The Social TV Factor – white paper

How Social TV impacts the TV business

Download the free 18 page white paper on the latest developments in the fast-moving Social TV sector.

Adapted from Futurescape’s strategy report, Social TV.

BMW Tate Live: Performance Room

BMW Tate Live: Performance Room is an innovative series of performances broadcast viewable exclusively online around the globe, as they happen.

Five artists each present works for the BMW Tate Live Performance Room beginning with choreographer and dancer Jérôme Bel on 22 March 2012 and continuing monthly with Pablo Bronstein, Harrell Fletcher, Joan Jonas and Emily Roysdon. Audiences can pose questions to the artist and curators, and interact with other viewers via social media.

You are invited to enter the online BMW Tate Live Performance Room via Tate’s YouTube channel at 20.00 hrs in the UK and at exactly the same moment across the globe on the specified dates.

So if you are on the East Coast of America, log on at 15.00 hrs for a mid-afternoon art break, if you are located in Europe then join us at 21.00 hrs for an evening performance and for those in Russia, needing some late night art at 23.00 hrs.

The global audience are encouraged to chat with other viewers via social media channels during the performance and to put questions to the artists or curator following it using Tate’s social media channels on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube and the Twitter hashtag #BMWTateLive.

This ground-breaking series is completely unlike anything Tate has done before.
The events will be broadcast live to anyone with an internet connection, bringing the global community together to experience the Tate programme simultaneously wherever you are in the world.
Each performance will be archived and available to view online at a later date.

See Jérôme Bel online on 22 March, Pablo Bronstein on 26 April, Emily Roysdon on 31 May, Harrell Fletcher on 28 June and Joan Jonas later in the year.

BMW Tate Live is a partnership between BMW and Tate, which focuses on performance, interdisciplinary art and curating digital space.

BMW Tate Live: Performance Room is the inaugural strand of the partnership and features five commissions in 2012.

Great live stream from Toyota

Love this execution by Toyota in Japan. A webcam streams live the painting of a billboard, that also has an electronic display from viewers via twitter

You can see my twitter handle (@nickybee99) in the image below.

look forward to seeing the stats on this at some point.

It appeared to be very rampant on social networks, and the counter was rising very quickly in the 30 minutes or so I was monitoring it.

The Livestream module was okay but it does have buffering and quality issues.

It reminded me of the Vivid Festival ‘Lighting of the Sails’ project we were involved in back in June