The world’s first spoken-word trending engine at TEDx Sydney

Viocorp have been a supporter of TEDx Sydney for many years now, streaming the sessions to the ABC and YouTube channel. This year though we were asked to be involved with something just a little bit different!

Below is the copy from the press release that appeared in Ad News.

Clemenger BDDO Sydney took to the recent TEDx ideas festival, rolling out a giant real-time, Twitter-based technological installation.
The agency described it as “the world’s first spoken-word trending engine”.

Dubbed ‘Mimeisthai‘, the installation aimed to dramatise the event’s theme of ‘Real.Live.Now‘ and visualised the flow of ideas around the room in real time, instantaneously feeding them back to the audience.

The installation required an array of directional and parabolic microphones to be strategically placed throughout the theatre, each connected to a unique speak-to-text engine. Snippets of conversation were then fed through the microphones as data, with their tone, location and intensity each analysed. The phrases were then broadcast onto the main screen as graphic art.

The result? A compelling and engaging look inside the minds of hundreds of forward-thinking creatives, encompassing obscure fleeting thoughts to profound statements.

Clemenger BBDO Sydney digital creative director, James Theophane, said the installation was inspired by the technological advances particularly in the gaming industry, and the knowledge that Wi-Fi has essentially “set us free”.

“Flapping arms and wiggling bums have fast replaced controllers and remotes in the gaming industry. As technologies governing social media advance, this too will experience an influx of invisible technology.

“In the not-so-distant future, idea exchange forums such as TEDx Sydney will contain spaces like Mimeisthai for people to share ideas, thoughts and conversations instantly across multiple channels, without the use of smartphones, laptops and other barriers. The wires, and controllers become invisible.”

Clemenger BBDO Sydney executive creative director, Paul Nagy, added: “Watching live conversations and ideas flock around a room is truly a thing of beauty.”

Speaking on mobile video at AIMIA MIG

The next Mobile Industry Group meeting is just around the corner and following the results of the survey circulated last month, we now have a new meeting time!

MIG meetings will now be held on the first Monday of the month with the next meeting scheduled for Monday 7th of May from 3:30- 5:30pm.

This month’s meeting is not to be missed; we’ll be joined by Nick Bolton from Viocorp to discuss Mobile Video, Robert Wong (AIMIA Retail Industry Group chair) will present a run down on the retail industry and its strategy for mobile and we will be reviewing the current communications strategy.

As we would like your ideas on guest speakers for the next few meetings, please note the topics for the upcoming months:

Mobility and cross device experiences
Web/hybrid/Native Apps
The minutes from the previous meeting can be found here and the complete meeting agenda can be found here.

Full meeting details are as follows:

Date: Monday 7 May 2012
Time: 3:30-5:30pm
Venue: Nokia Offices: Level 21, 1 Market Street, Sydney 2000

Live streaming of Macbeth for Bell Shakespeare

Viocorp were again commissioned to live stream the Q&A with the Cast and Crew of Bell Shakespeare‘s latest production of Macbeth.

Macbeth is one of my favourite Shakespeare plays, having studied it at English A-Level. 22 years ago my Dad took me to Stratford upon Avon, the home of Shakespeare to see a production there. Dad was visiting me in Sydney so it was great to take him to see it again. Not quite sure he understood the concept of live streaming and twitter questions!

Its a great production – a sparse heathen set, with clouded mirrors overhead create an eerie atmosphere which is backed up by an excellent score. I loved the high pitch piercing sund whenrver Mcbeth was on his own – the sign of madness.

Colin Moody was excellent as Duncan, Kate Mulvany brought a delicious wickedness to the role of Lady Macbeth – she reminded me of many of today’s C-List celebrities focussed in their quest for their 5 minutes of fame.
Spielman was very good yet I found him miscast – he just didn’t look like a soldier or a leader to me.
The star for me was Lizzie Schebesta (below) who channelled all three witches, in a very erotic manner, flirting with Macbeth magnificently, complete with microphone to distort her voice. She also played supporting roles including young sons to great effect.

The live webcast:
Have you got a question for Peter Evans? Or for Dan Spielman or Kate Mulvany? It’s your chance to ask the director and our panel of actors about the show.

Join us online and post your questions live on the conversation feed or tweet them with #BellQA.

See you tonight!

See you then!Macbeth – brave, strong and patriotic – happens upon three witches who predict he will soon be King. It’s a prophecy he distrusts but one his wife becomes utterly seduced by. Peter Evans, Bell Shakespeare’s Associate Artistic Director, fulfills a long-held ambition to collaborate with Dan Spielman in the title role, and Kate Mulvany who plays his highly erotic wife.

This season’s Macbeth reveals what the lure of power can do to a marriage and the devastation it can wreak on a nation.

The Future of Journalism

Really looking forward to watching this live webcast that we’re producing at Viocorp.

Mumbrella picked up the story:

News Limited: We’re talking to bloggers about paywalls because their influence matters
News Limited will next week continue its paywall evangelising with a live streamed debate aimed at making the case for its digital subscriptiuon strategy.

The format mirrors our very own Desktop Sessions and Future Forums that we’ve been producing for years.

It’s great to see a publisher running with this interactive live format to investigate The Future of Journalism .

We were commissioned to webcast the project by the Edelman PR agency.
You can watch the webcast here

Webcast details:

Duration 1 hour approx.
Start Date Wednesday 14 March 2012 at 12:00 PM
Steve Rubel, EVP Global Strategy & Insights, Edelman
Phil Gardner, Editor-in-Chief, Herald and Weekly Times
Campbell Reid, Group Editorial Director, News Limited
Russel Howcroft, Chief Executive Officer, Australia/New Zealand at Young & Rubicam Brands
Renee Barnes, Journalism Lecturer, RMIT

First David Jones Live Stream is great success

The e-commerce / online retail space is going through a period of intense change as consumers elect to purchase online instead of physically in store. Retailers have had to adapt to this rapidly changing business model to reflect this consumer behaviour.

Social media and video leads the way in helping retailers connect with consumers.

At Viocorp, we’re integrating on-demand video solutions into shopping catalogues for companies like Supre and Matt Blatt

Last night, in conjunction with digital agency Visual Jazz we did the first live stream for David Jones into their Facebook account.

The live stream went direct into Facebook and was delivered cross-platform into web, mobile and tbalet.
Below are some screen grabs of me watching the live stream on my iPad, iphone and browser.

Over 7000 streams were recorded during the hour, long live stream.

Here is the on-demand highlights clip for the fashionistas out there

Viocorp webcast presentation – Splendour in the Grass and YouTube Symphony Case studies

Last December, I had the privilege of hosting a live webcast from the MCM
at Fox Studios in Sydney discussing cross platform delivery of content.
I was joined by experts from YouTube and Sound Alliance to discuss some of the most effective campaigns of the past year
For example, Splendour in the Grass was live streamed into YouTube, (web, mobile and tablet – see photo below) sponsored by Virgin Mobile. Over 250,000 fans logged into to see sets from Elbow, Coldplay and more

You can watch the webcast to also learn how an Australian YouTube live broadcast set a world record for viewers (YouTube Symphony and 30million viewers!)

Duration 30 Minutes
Start Date Friday 16 December 2011 at 4:49 PM (GMT +11 hours)
Presenter Nick Bolton, Business Development, Media and Entertainment, Viocorp
Panel: Felicity McVay, Strategic Partnerships Manager, Google YouTube
Andrew Walsh, Client Services Director, Sound Alliance
Watch the webcast here

I have a date with Miranda Kerr.

Well, sort of. Viocorp will be live streaming the David Jones Fashion Week show on Wednesday 15th Feburary, starring the gorgeous Miranda Kerr.

Its through our good friends at Visual Jazz, one of the best digital agencies in Australia, who look after the DJ digital account.

What is of interest is that 3weeks ago when we first started scoping the project, there are 60k followers on the David Jones Facebook page, and through the media spend about the live stream, the number has jumped to over 100,000 events.

There’s a great article in the Sydney Morning Herald at the weekend promoting the event.

Anyhoo, tune in on Wednesday 15th February via the David Jones page on Facebook.

I dont think Orlando has anything to worry about….

Sidekick’s Richard Cawthorne wins an AACTA

Glitz and glam ascended to The Sydney Opera House on Tuesday night for the new Australian Academy of Cinema, Television and the Arts annual awards run by the AFI (Australian Film Institute)

When I moved to Melbourne in August 2009 to set up Viocorp‘s Victorian office, we nearly rented a space in the AFI headquarters. I got to spend a bit of time with Damian, Jen and the AFI team and they’ve done a really good job in repositioning the AFI, and in particular the launch of The Australian Academy.

I went to the launch party last year at Sydney which was a great night out.

So when the awards came out, I was thrilled to see my co-star in Sidekick, Richard Cawthorne get nominated for Best Supporting Actor in a TV drama. If you saw his performance in Killing Time, you’ll know why. Utterly engaging and riveting performance.

In Sidekick, Richard also played the antagonist, though not quite to such extremes. Alas Sidekick isn’t available online yet as its still doing the festival circuit. It won a Bronze at the ACS Victoria & Tasmania Cinematography Awards for Best Photography for our DOP Bruce Phillips

Here’s Rich picking up his trophy.

And giving a media interview

And you can see the full list of winners here. Great to see Snowtown do so well. Spotted this great quote on Twitter describing Snowtown:
#Snowtown is either the best worst film I’ve ever seen or the worst best. Fantastic film, horrible subject. Well deserved #AACTA win.

Blast from the past – ksubi live fashion show

Got followed on twitter today by Cassandra Swaby @cassandraswaby from Milk Money Films and was having trouble recalling where I knew the name from.

Clicking through to their showcase on their website, I recalled they did the production for the ksubi re-launch at the Sydney Fashion Festival show a few years back
We live streamed the fashion show from the Royal Hall of Industries into the ksubi website.

Ksubi 10 Year Fashion Parade from Milkmoney on Vimeo.

You can read the Viocorp Showcase case study here

Brought back good memories of a good gig to be involved in.

Would love to know what the soundtrack is though – should get on Shazam and find out.