Infographic: Online video snapshot

Article courtesy of the damn nice chaps at Marketing Magazine
I didn’t ask them if I can reproduce it but Sean and the boys wont mind as i gave them some of the info!
Check out the live webcast I did with Amy Weinberger, Vice President of ANZ for comScore

Online video’, a format ‘traditionally’ entailing short rather than long online clips, is the subject of Marketing’s latest infographic investigation.
The point that emerges most strongly out of our visualisation of comScore’s data is the rapid increase in the amount of video being consumed and the increase in the amount of time spent watching as more long form content moves online. These findings point to a future where connected TVs merge what is considered online video today and traditional broadcast television.
But while we wait for that future to arrive, there are a number of other evolutions taking place in the consumption of video through PCs, mobile devices and apps on smart TVs.
The average online video watcher consumes 158 clips per month or 14.3 hours of video. Men dominate, accounting for two-thirds of time spend watching, the reason for which we won’t hazard a guess other than to point out that adult themed video is the seventh most watched category, reaching almost one in four Australians!
The news media’s shift towards video content is being led by ninemsn (aggregated under Microsoft’s banner) and Yahoo!7, who registered higher viewer numbers in April than Fairfax and News Ltd. In the battle of the big digital newspaper groups, News eclipsed Fairfax by 200,000 views but did not hold the audience per video for quite as long.
Data brought in from comScore’s US analysis shows that one-third of viewers regularly use the internet for TV show consumption, via services such as Hulu and Ooyala. This behaviour skews heavily towards younger audiences with almost one in two 18-34 year olds regularly watching long form TV content via the internet.

Digital People 2011

Earlier in the year I was interviewed by Denise Shrivell for her Digital People series in Digital Ministry.

Digital Ministry have just published the compilation of the 2011 Roll Call – quite an impressive and elcectic bunch

Welcome to the final Digital People for the year where we offer an overview of the 19 profiles presented during 2011. This year the measurement issue has given way to two further themes being exchanges & automation of the digital media trading process & issues surrounding talent, recruitment & training of digital media talent. Thanks to everyone who participated & supported Digital People….