YouTube: An Insiders Guide for Pros presented by Screen NSW at Vivid Ideas

Kristen Bowen from YouTube recently spoke at YouTube: An Insiders Guide for Pros presented by Screen NSW at Vivid Ideas.

The presentation covered a stack of new features including channel design and trailers, the guide, subscriptions, suggestions and advertising changes.
A third of YouTube in Australia is now viewed on a mobile device, the new branding options gives channel owners the option to control how their content looks across platforms very easily.

Kristen Bowen, Manager Content Relationships, YouTube
Event: ‘YouTube: An Insider’s Guide for Pros”
At Vivid Ideas, June 3rd, 2013, Presented by Screen NSW and Screen Australia

Kristen talks about:
1. Overview: YouTube as a marketing and distribution platform
-Stats and Trends
-Product Vision
-Traditional Media Company Examples
2. Engaging with Gen C
-Who is Gen C?
-Case Study: Jimmy Kimmel
3. Content ID
-How does it work?
-Why should I use it?
-Who’s using it well?
4. Audience Development
-Channel Strategy
-Top Tips to Find Your Fans and Keep Them Watching

Interviewed on 2SER The Fourth Estate re YouTube Paid Subscription

The Fourth Estate explores the issues impacting on media and communications around Australia and the world. From moves to crack down on the freedom of journalists to report the news, to trends in the blogosphere and changes in the way societies communicate their ideas, The Fourth Estate provides fresh insights on our most maligned democratic institution.

I was interviewed by Charmaine Wong to discuss the new Paid YouTube Subscriptions that were recently introduced to the Australian market, along with Marcus Gillezeau at Firelight Productions.

The Fourth Estate broadcasts at 6.30pm every Monday on 2SER

the fourth estate

BMW Tate Live: Performance Room

BMW Tate Live: Performance Room is an innovative series of performances broadcast viewable exclusively online around the globe, as they happen.

Five artists each present works for the BMW Tate Live Performance Room beginning with choreographer and dancer Jérôme Bel on 22 March 2012 and continuing monthly with Pablo Bronstein, Harrell Fletcher, Joan Jonas and Emily Roysdon. Audiences can pose questions to the artist and curators, and interact with other viewers via social media.

You are invited to enter the online BMW Tate Live Performance Room via Tate’s YouTube channel at 20.00 hrs in the UK and at exactly the same moment across the globe on the specified dates.

So if you are on the East Coast of America, log on at 15.00 hrs for a mid-afternoon art break, if you are located in Europe then join us at 21.00 hrs for an evening performance and for those in Russia, needing some late night art at 23.00 hrs.

The global audience are encouraged to chat with other viewers via social media channels during the performance and to put questions to the artists or curator following it using Tate’s social media channels on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube and the Twitter hashtag #BMWTateLive.

This ground-breaking series is completely unlike anything Tate has done before.
The events will be broadcast live to anyone with an internet connection, bringing the global community together to experience the Tate programme simultaneously wherever you are in the world.
Each performance will be archived and available to view online at a later date.

See Jérôme Bel online on 22 March, Pablo Bronstein on 26 April, Emily Roysdon on 31 May, Harrell Fletcher on 28 June and Joan Jonas later in the year.

BMW Tate Live is a partnership between BMW and Tate, which focuses on performance, interdisciplinary art and curating digital space.

BMW Tate Live: Performance Room is the inaugural strand of the partnership and features five commissions in 2012.

KONY – Invisible Children’s Kony 2012 Video About Uganda Conflict: The Making Of A Viral Masterpiece

So the KONY project is getting a lot of attention. Certainly its a great example of usingonline video to raise awareness, hence the reason for me posting it in my blog. But several commentators are suggesting a differnt point of view.

The Daily What:

The Educated Field Negro

Article taken from Fast Company:

A little-known American charity dedicated to helping victims of African conflict has scored a public relations coup. Invisible Children‘s new 30-minute Kony 2012 video, directed by Jason Russell, has been viewed over 440,000 times since being placed on YouTube on March 5. The film is intended to raise public awareness of the devastating Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) conflict in Uganda; Fast Company has written previously about the LRA’s routine use of child labor and rape.

Viocorp webcast presentation – Splendour in the Grass and YouTube Symphony Case studies

Last December, I had the privilege of hosting a live webcast from the MCM
at Fox Studios in Sydney discussing cross platform delivery of content.
I was joined by experts from YouTube and Sound Alliance to discuss some of the most effective campaigns of the past year
For example, Splendour in the Grass was live streamed into YouTube, (web, mobile and tablet – see photo below) sponsored by Virgin Mobile. Over 250,000 fans logged into to see sets from Elbow, Coldplay and more

You can watch the webcast to also learn how an Australian YouTube live broadcast set a world record for viewers (YouTube Symphony and 30million viewers!)

Duration 30 Minutes
Start Date Friday 16 December 2011 at 4:49 PM (GMT +11 hours)
Presenter Nick Bolton, Business Development, Media and Entertainment, Viocorp
Panel: Felicity McVay, Strategic Partnerships Manager, Google YouTube
Andrew Walsh, Client Services Director, Sound Alliance
Watch the webcast here

Rebirth of the Mixtape

The mixtape has sadly not been part of my life for well over a decade now
I can recall at about aged 14 taping my favourite tracks from the Top 40 onto cassette, cursing myself if I pressed Record too early and had some drivel spoken by Dave Lee Travis or Kid Jensen, whoever was the deejay.
Once I started buying music, I then started compiling my own mixtapes to swap with friends and (prospective) girlfriends just to show how cool and cutting edge i was(nt)

Then of course Mr John Peel entered my world and changed the way I appreciated music forever.
The mixtape was rejuvenated.

At 19, I blew all of my first year student loan on a pair of Technics 1210‘s and then the challenge became to mix a whole side without any duff beats. Some challenge!
I can recall sending tapes to mates at other uni’s around England, and receiving tapes back from them.

Sadly the mixtape for me died a death in about 1995.

So I was very very pleased to see the Everyones Mixtape website where you compile your own mixtape by dragging urls from YouTube or SoundCloud or Vimeo.

Here’s my first mixtape “Sundowners”

cnet article: How YouTube’s Coachella webcast changed the world

Great article by Daniel Terdiman on why Youtube, Wrigleys and Coachella got together to live stream one of the best music festivals in the world.

“If you didn’t catch YouTube’s streaming webcast of the Coachella music festival last weekend, you missed a chance to see the music world changing before your eyes…..”

I love these big global webcasts as it shows how territorial broadcast boundaries are being eroded, and how the global community can come together. Thankfully Youtube didn’t apply any IP address geo-targeting for the live stream, and so for me watching the reunion of Big Audio Dynamite, who as at time of writing have not announced a visit to Australia, was a special experience. Sadly the on-demand clips on the official site have been IP address geo-targeted and so you’ll have to do with this bootleg!

Reminds me of buying bootleg tapes of gigs at University. Was it illegal – yes. Any revenue to the artist – No. Was my love for the band enhanced – Yes. Did I buy their vinyl, merchanidse, and pay to see them on tour – Yes.